Writing a new SIP

This tutorial details of how to write a new SIP and adding it to the website. Currently two mechanisms of providing a new SIP are recommended:

  • Using Markdown
  • Using Google Docs.

Writing a SIP in Markdown

First, create a new SIP file in the pending/_posts directory. Make sure the new file follows the format: YYYY-MM-dd-{title}.md. Where: * YYYY is the current year when the proposal orginated. * MM is the current month (01 = january, 12 = decemeber) when the proposal originated. * dd is the day of the month when the proposal orginated. * {title} is the title for the SIP.

Markdown formatting

Use the Markdown Syntax to write your SIP.

See the source for this document (sip-tutorial.md) for how to do sytnax highlighting.

class Foo

Testing changes

Testing changes requires installing Jekyll. Since this site is hosted on github pages, make sure you have whatever version of Jekyll that github is running. As of the writing of this README, that is version >= 1.0.x.

Use the jekyll server command to start up a local server. You can then view your changes at http://localhost:4000/sips.

Pending SIPs